Work days for volunteers

Sunflowers by Stuck in CustomsThe building and gardens at Amida Mandala are kept in good working order with the help of our volunteers.

Every so often we will hold a volunteer day from 11am til 4pm – you can either come along at 11am or at 2pm, or both. We’ll provide lunch and the tools needed for the jobs that need doing (often a mix of garden/house) and you provide the elbow grease!

Volunteer days are a good way of getting to know the community and contributing to the life of the temple. They are also a lot of fun!

If you’re interested in attending one of these days do get in touch with Satya at or 01684 572444.

Our current dates for 2015 are: Sun 22nd February, Sat 21st March, Sat 18th April, Sat 9th May.

Namo Amida Bu and thank you.

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