Weekly schedule

As we come out of lockdown we’re offering our Saturday 9am services in the garden and our Wednesday 7.30pm services online.  You can also see our talks on our Youtube channel, sign up for our free 30 day nembutsu course, and visit our online temple. See also our events page for garden volunteer mornings, Dharma talks etc.

Our online events are taking place on Zoom. We’re not sharing the links publicly – if you’d like to attend either of the events below, do email hello@amidamandala.com and we’ll forward them to you. There is one link for every Wednesday and another one for every Saturday. There will also be a ‘waiting room’ so do arrive on time so we can ‘let you in’. This will keep our spaces super-safe!

EVERY WEDNESDAY 7.30pm til 8.30pm UK time Online Buddhist Practice. Kaspa or Satya will run the service from the shrine room and you can practice with us from home – everyone except us will be muted. A mixture of quiet sitting, nembutsu, a short Dharma talk and liturgy. Our own screen will be recorded and later uploaded to Youtube here (you won’t be on the recording). The sessions are suitable for newcomers and experienced Buddhist practitioners. Join us from 7.20pm UK time. 

EVERY SATURDAY 9am til 10am in Malvern Saturday Morning Service. This will be run in the temple garden – if you haven’t been before email hello@amidamandala.com or text Satya on 07900 605055 for instructions. It’s very beautiful to practice outside – we may continue doing this once a month once we come out of lockdown!


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For more information about any of these events email hello@amidamandala.com, or phone 01684 572 444.

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