Saturday order of service

You can watch a video of a typical Saturday service here.

The texts we recite vary from week to week and are all in our Nien Fo book. There are audio recordings of all of the Nien Fo book here.

The usual order of service is:

– Mokugyo chanting as celebrant enters the shrine room (Namo Ami-Da Bu)
– Offerings at the shrine by the celebrant including water offerings
– Walking nembutsu around the shrine using the chant Namo Omito Fo
– Reading a piece of liturgy from our service book, i.e. Summary of Faith and Practice
– Dharma talk
– Silent meditation, sometimes with junen
– Prostrations towards the shrine (to this Namo Amida Bu chant)
– Chants including refuges and precepts from page 11 of the Nien Fo book (audio here)
– Final liturgy or hymn (varies)
– Bowing to each other, the Buddha and our seats
– Exit

Don’t expect to get it all the first time round – just join in with the chants as you get the tune and try not to worry about getting anything ‘wrong’. We are Pureland Buddhists – Amida Buddha appreciates all of our practice, wonky or not! After attending a few services you’ll begin to recognise the tunes and self-conscious (if you have any) will fade away. Namo Amida Bu.