About Amida Shu Buddhism

Buddha by David BrewsterBuddha by David Brewster with thanks

“Since going to the temple I have felt much more at ease with myself … my life has gained meaning and purpose.” David Hope

We practice Amida Shu Buddhism by saying or chanting Namo Amida Bu — a way of aligning ourselves with wholesome energy.

This is called nembutsu.

As ordinary — sometimes foolish — human beings, we turn towards this wholesome energy to guide and transform us.

Namo means ‘I call out to’ or ‘I give thanks for’ or ‘I entrust myself to’.

Amida Bu is Amida Buddha — the Buddha of Infinite Light — our name for this wholesome energy.

Come to a Buddhist service here at the temple in Malvern, or start a simple home practice, and begin this process of turning towards the light.

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