Meditation Hut

We’re raising funds for a meditation hut in the garden

Digging out old roots from the garden

Digging out old roots from the garden

Our Temple was a gift. Fifteen years ago a friend of the Order left her house in Finsbury Park to us when she died. We used the sale of that house to fund the amazing space we now have here in the centre of Malvern.

We’d like to make this space even better. A Buddhist Temple is a container for the dharma, for the spirit of the Buddha’s teachings, for love.

The temple has a busy life. It serves lots of people and groups and although the shrine room is a wonderfully peaceful space it is right in the heart of the building. We want to make a retreat space in our garden, a haven within a haven.

This will be a space to come and enjoy solitude, to sit and watch the leaves of the silver birch swaying in the breeze, to write in your journal and soak up the atmosphere of the temple garden.

It will be a space you can visit for a couple of hours, or that you can book a weekend retreat in. It will be a meditation hut in the corner of the garden, with meditation cushions, a comfy chair, a shrine, some books and a fold out bed for longer visits.

We’d like your help to create this space, and then we’d like to invite you to come and use it (or to help us build it!).

We’re aiming to raise £1500. This will buy materials for foundations, for decking for the hut to stand on, and the hut itself, we’ll put it together ourselves during our volunteer days. We’re already started work on the foundations, you can see some of our volunteers on the right, taking out an old stump right in the middle of where the hut will be.

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