Continuous Nembutsu Practice

SunshineOur next Continuous Nembutsu Practice date is Sat 20th June & will be online unless stated otherwise. Email for the Zoom link if you’d like to drop in.

Continuous nembutsu is a delicious practice. It helps us to connect with the nembutsu in a profound way, and it helps us to connect with each other.

Join us for twenty minutes or for the whole session and listen to (or join in) chanting in the Pureland Buddhist style. Find some sacred space at our temple in Malvern and re-connect with something bigger than you… All are welcome – people of all faiths and none. Read more about nembutsu here.

We will chant ‘Namo Amida Bu’ continuously, letting the tune change as it wants to change, and alternating between twenty minutes of sitting and twenty minutes of slow walking. You can join or leave at any time.

The phrase ‘Namo Amida Bu’ (also called the nembutsu) is at the heart of Pureland Buddhism. It is a way of reminding ourselves of our little fallible human selves (Namo) and taking refuge in Amida Buddha, the Buddha of infinite light and life, who accepts us ‘just as we are’. It can also be seen as a calling out to something ‘ineffable’, or as a way of expressing gratitude.

You’re very welcome to come and sit at the back and experience the chanting, or to join in for as long as you like. You don’t have to be good at singing! Children (as long as young children have someone with them) are very welcome.

People have different experiences of joining in prolonged chanting in this way. You might have new thoughts or feelings as you chant, or get absorbed into the sounds or the words. You might feel a connection with the other people in the room, whether you know them or not. You might feel very ordinary and wonder about what you’re going to have for dinner. It is often a very joyful experience.

There will be a bowl for donations on the day to go towards running the temple & drinks & snacks. Suggested donation £10 for a whole day or £5 if you drop in (or whatever you can afford – more or less is fine). If you can bring a donation for the vegan lunch, please do.

We hope to see you there!

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