Honesty, Nothing to Lose, and five years!

Hi everyone,

In today’s newsletter: I write about one the values of Amida Mandala, honesty; a video of Satya’s talk ‘Nothing to Lose‘; and an invitation to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the temple.

A few newsletters ago Satya wrote about ‘what we value’ and ‘what we offer’. You can see the list on the front page of the temple website. Today I want to say something about honesty.

What kind of honesty do we value? Self-honesty.

Recognising the deep currents of thought, feeling and habit that run through us helps us to stay grounded, and helps us to have compassion for other beings as we recognise that we are all in the same boat. Beginning to understand our own foolishness allows us to treat the foolishness of others more kindly.

Being honest with ourselves can bring us closer to the light of the Buddha. The Buddha’s light is loving and sees us just as we are. To the extent that we are afraid to see ourselves as we really are, we shy away from the light of the Buddha.

There is a circular process at work here. Faith in the loving presence of the Buddha allows us to feel less afraid of ourselves and to see our harmful habits more clearly, and seeing ourselves more clearly brings us closer to the Buddha.

As we come close to the Buddha we are more likely to experience the ease that the Buddha’s light brings.

Nothing to Lose
You can watch Satya’s talk ‘Nothing to Lose’ on YouTube. This is part of our monthly series of Saturday morning talks. We’re taking a break from these for the summer, so the next one will be in October.

It’s nearly been five years!
We’re celebrating our fifth anniversary on Saturday November 30th. The invitation is open to anyone who has attended any temple event, even once. Put the date in your diary now 🙂 There’ll be a performance from the temple choir, a bring and share lunch, a mindful walk in the afternoon, and the chance to celebrate. More details on Facebook.



Namo Amida Bu