Heading for Extinction, Tradition, and Bodhi Day

Heading for Extinction
Yesterday I was speaking to David Loy, the author of ecodharma. We were talking about what Buddhism is for and David reminded me of Yun Men’s answer to the question, “What are the teachings of a whole lifetime?”

What was Yun Men’s reply? “An appropriate response.”

In the present day the greatest challenge we face is the climate crisis, caused by humans and the sixth mass extinction, caused by humans. Can Buddhism support us to make an appropriate response? David suggested that it can, that our practices can resources us to take action, and support activists to have faith. That as well as being the cause of great harm – the virus – we can also provide a solution – become the antibodies.

We also talked about the importance of not being attached to outcomes. Of the value of taking right action for it’s own sake.
If you’re not sure how serious the climate crisis is, or want more information, watch this video: Heading for Extinction.Thanks to Suzanne from our local XR group, who gave this talk at the temple on Saturday night. This is probably being given in person at your local XR group, so do check that out as well.

Tradition in Pureland Buddhism
The last time I wrote to you I said a few words about honesty. Today I want share some lines about something else that we value here at the temple: tradition. I’ve posted about it on Friends of Amida. Click here to read.

Bodhi Day
From Wed 4th til Sun 8th we’ll be celebrating the Buddha’s awakening. There will be talks from our teachers, including Dharmavidya, discussions, practice sessions, ceremonies and a twenty four hour chanting session. Drop us a line for more information.



Namo Amida Bu