Happy Solstice

The light and the dark are perfectly balanced today. The day is as long as the night. Tomorrow the day will be a fraction longer and we begin the move towards spring.

Yesterday around one hundred and fifty people came to visit Amida Mandala, if you were one of them it was lovely to see you. If you were not, then come and see us in the new year!

Perhaps it would have been more auspicious to have the open day today, on the solstice itself. Nonetheless as the light of the day grows, I hope the light of the temple will grow. Of course next winter the daylight will wane again, but I hope that the light of the Temple will keep shining.

All human institutions have their beginnings and ends of course, and some day our light will wane as well.

This light, the love of the community and the warm spirit the Temple generates (that I felt surrounded by yesterday), is a small reflection of Amida’s light, which is without beginning or end, and is not confined by space.

It is only our own greed, hate and delusion that get in the way of us seeing this light all of the time. It is always there of course, whether we see it or not. I hope that the Temple and the Amida Mandala community will help us remember the light a little more often. And the light is love.

Wishing you peace,


Namo Amida Bu