Connect from wherever you are

You can connect with us from wherever you are in the world. Come and visit our virtual temple.

You might want to practice at home. We recommend beginning with our free course 30 Days of Nembutsu. In just five or ten minutes a day you can begin connecting with the wholesome energy of Amida Buddha.

There are lots of audio talks to listen to and videos to see. Visit the audio page on our website, or our YouTube Channel.

Like to study with others? Join Dayamay’s monthly Skype study group. Email Dayamay for joining instructions. For more formal study with a tutor, there is the Introduction to Pureland Buddhism Course, and following on from that Vow22, our in depth course.

Join us for occasional online practice, and take part in nembutsu services from wherever you are. Look on our events page for more information.

Prefer to read? Buy Kaspa & Satya’s introduction to Amida Shu Buddhism Just As You Are: Buddhism for Foolish Beings. Check out the resources on the international website  or buy one of the many books from our teacher Dharmavidya David Brazier.

Join the conversation with Amida Shu Buddhists from around the world on our virtual temple and online community: Friends of Amida Shu. There are also regular teachings posted here.

Ready to come and visit? We have a guest room here at the temple for people wanting to come and join in with our Buddhist practice, and meet the temple community.

Find a group near you. We have a few groups in different places all over the world, if there’s not one near you – consider starting you own!