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Meditation Hut Project

We’d love to have a meditation hut in the corner of the garden. This will be a haven within a haven, a place to enjoy solitude in the midst of busy temple life, and a place for gusts and visitors to come and practice as well.

We need your help to raise funds for the hut and we’d like you to come and enjoy the space when it’s ready. Click here to find out more: Mediation Hut Project or on the button below to make a donation.

A Wonderful Chanting Day

chanting dayThanks to everyone who came and joined the continuous chanting day on Saturday. It’s one of my favourite practices to take part in. People came in, people go out but the chant  continues nonetheless and I feel held by the whole group. Amida speaks through our collective voices.

Our next continuous chanting day will be part of the Bodhi Retreat, our annual celebration of the Buddha’s enlightenment. This year the retreat will be here in Malvern. Do get in touch if you are interested in coming to the retreat or just dropping in to the chanting.