Bodhi Retreat 2015 with Dharmavidya David Brazier

mandalaOur biggest yearly retreat and gathering to celebrate Bodhi Day. A mixture of practice, Dharma talks and a chance to spend time with fellow travellers on the path in Malvern’s rather lovely Amida Mandala temple. Join us!

You can either attend the whole week or single days. Saturday will be an all-day drop-in chanting retreat day so you can come along for half an hour or for the whole thing. Food donations welcomed for Saturday lunchtime.

Cost £30 per night for limited accommodation at the temple plus food, or £15 for just food per day, plus £20 a day for the retreat (or whatever you can afford – get in touch to find out more).

For more information or to reserve a space (a bed and/or a space on the retreat) contact

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