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Bow to everything

Image by Tatters via Flickr

Image by Tatters via Flickr

Another beautiful, wet, day in Malvern.
Holy rain, holy mud, holy birdsong, holy floods, as Alan Ginsburg might say.
Here we are in the midst of samsara, and the Buddha’s light is shining on everything.
Everything is lit up with universal love. Everything is reflecting sacred light. This is why we should bow to everything.
As foolish beings we need shrine rooms, and Buddha statues, and thangkas to remind us that the light is here, and to bow to it.
“Namo Amida Bu” means I bow to the Buddha of infinite light. If could see with enlightened eyes, we would see everything glowing.
I recently heard a Japanese expression, ‘plank person’ (I can’t remember the Japanese word, right now). A plank person is someone carrying a plank of wood over one shoulder. There is always a blind spot. We are like this – there is always a blind spot – always somewhere we forget the light is shining.
If we can remember to bow to everything, we should. When we forget, when we fall into rushing or stupor, we should do our best to remember the Buddha’s light and start bowing again.
Sometimes we will remember, and sometimes we will forget. Either way – everything is illuminated.
Namo Amida Bu

The Great Way Avoids Picking and Choosing

In this short talk from our Sunday Service, Kaspa explains what The Great Way avoids picking and choosing means.

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“I am talking about the first few lines of the Zen poem, Faith in Mind. They go something like this:

至道無難 The best way is not difficult

唯嫌揀擇 it only excludes picking and choosing

但莫憎愛 Once you stop loving and hating

洞然明白 it will enlighten itself.

I hope to make a translation myself soon, that translation is from