About Amida Shu


Dharmavidya David Brazier

What is Amida Shu?

Amida Shu (or the Amida Buddhist School) is a spiritual community – an international network of people bound together by a consciouness of “Amida”, of the spirit of love and truth at work in the world in the midst of ordinary, fallible beings like ourselves. Beyond this it does not require any particular form of belief or doctrine or theory. Amidists have a practice of calling the Name of Amida. In addition to this, you do not have to meditate or pray or adopt any particular practices, though you can if you want to.

Amidism is not a way of achieving anything. It is, rather a celebration and a communion. Amidists are not necessarily virtuous or wise or accomplished. We are simply people who celebrate the spiritual presence, each in his or her own way, yet together. Amidists often practice in groups, but practice can vary from group to group. Amidists are creative. We like rituals, but we do not cling to one particular form – the spirit can be celebrated in many ways.

Amidists appreciate the whole range of mystical heritage, irrespective of which religion it comes from. Although we are most closely associated with the tradition of Pureland Buddhism, we understand this vehicle as a generic spirituality and appreciate the wisdom of all those who have transmitted direct knowledge of the Spirit down the ages.

What is the Amida Order?

The Head and founder of the Amida Order is Dharmavidya David Brazier. The Amida Order is a religious fellowship within the Amida Shu. Membership is by invitation. Broadly speaking, members of the Order are either those who have been members of Amida Shu for a long period of time or who carry some special responsibility within the Shu. The Order has both ordained and non-ordained members. All ordained members of Amida Shu are members of the Order.

For more information on Amida Shu and the Amida Order, visit the shu website: www.amidashu.org

What is Amida Trust?

Amida Trust is a charity (non-profit organisation) registered in the UK that provides the legal sponsorship for the activities of the Order in the UK. The charity is a trust and has a board of trustees who oversee its operations.

Amida Trust is a member of the European Buddhist Union.



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