About our teacher

David Brazier

Dharmavidya David Brazier

David Brazier, whose Buddhist name ‘Dharmavidya’ means “clear perception of what is fundamental”, is a travelling Buddhist teacher, authority on Buddhist psychology, President of the Instituto Terapia Zen Internacional, Head of the Order of Amida Buddha, Spiritual Guide of the Eleusis Centre, Patron of the Tathagata Trust, scholar, doctor of philosophy (PhD), Buddhist priest, author of eight previous books, psychotherapist, social worker, creator of the other centred approach and Zen Therapy, international traveller, inspirational lecturer and philanthropist.

He was fortunate to encounter leading Buddhist teachers at the beginning of his adult life and their teachings spoke to his condition. He travels widely and has been the creator of aid, education and social work projects in Europe, India and elsewhere and of training programmes in Buddhist psychology, Zen Therapy and Buddhist ministry. His books include works on psychotherapy and on Buddhism and commentary on the relationship between spirituality, art, myth and culture. He has three adult children, five grandchildren, likes gardening, walking and photography and lives in Eleusis, France.

Dharmavidya has a webiste here and you can follow him on Twitter here.