About Kaspa & Satya

Satya and Kaspa on hills

Satya & Kaspa on the Malvern hills

Rev Kaspalita and Rev Satyavani (Kaspa & Satya for short) are married Pureland Buddhist Priests with the Order of Amida Buddha.

They have lived in Malvern for 4 years and feel more settled and at home in this beautiful place then they have anywhere before.

Since living in the town they have built up a small and committed local sangha.

They both believe in the value of community and of taking refuge in something larger than our ‘small selves’.

Kaspa works as a psychotherapist and also teaches mindfulness classes. He is the Spiritual Director of Amida Mandala. Contact him at kaspalita@amidatrust.com.

Satya is a novelist and psychotherapist. She is Temple Manager at Amida Mandala. Contact her at satya@satyarobyn.com.

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