About Kaspa & Satya

Satya and Kaspa on hills

Satya & Kaspa on the Malvern hills

Rev Kaspalita and Rev Satyavani (Kaspa & Satya for short) are married Pureland Buddhist Priests with the Order of Amida Buddha.

They have lived in Malvern since 2010 and feel more settled and at home in this beautiful place then they have anywhere before.

Since living in the town they have built up a small and committed local sangha.

They both believe in the value of community and of taking refuge in something larger than our ‘small selves’.

Kaspa works as a psychotherapist and also teaches mindfulness classes. He is the Spiritual Director of Amida Mandala. Contact him at kaspalita@amidatrust.com.

Satya is a novelist and psychotherapist. She is Temple Manager at Amida Mandala. Contact her at satya@satyarobyn.com.