About the Amida Mandala temple

Bredon House

Amida Mandala is a Pureland Buddhist Temple in the heart of Malvern, Worcestershire in the UK.

Amida Trust bought the property which houses our temple in December 2014. It has four floors – the top for residents, the ground floor with a dining room and our shrine room (and the most amazing views over the Severn valley), a lower ground floor with a library and living room, and the basement where resident Priests Kaspa & Satya live. It was built in the 1820s and been a guest house called Bredon House for many years. We feel privileged to open a new chapter for the building and to put as much love into it as we can.

We are the headquarters for the Amida Trust in the UK and also home for the UK Amida Order.

“The great advantage of living in a Buddhist Temple is that the qualities of the people who share the space will inevitably rub off on you in some way.” Brian Graham

If you are able to make a small (or not so small!) donation to help us with this project and other Amida projects, please click here.